During the recent Ford Racing Invitational, one of the Mustangs being raced by the journalists on hand featured a newly developed intake manifold on its 4.6-liter V8. The current production manifold works very well with all kinds of engine modifications, but once the revs hit 6,500 rpm, it completely falls flat. The new manifold is designed to support a bump of that redline up to 7,500 rpm. The manifold doesn't really add much power on its own, but it does allow other mods like camshafts, valves and exhaust systems to take advantage of more engine speed.

Ford will be building tooling over the next few months and running production prototypes toward the end of summer. The manifold should be on sale later in the fall. Ford hasn't yet set pricing for the new manifold but it may come in at about $600-700. Mike Sutton from Car and Driver who drove a 2009 GT fitted with the new manifold said the engine easily revved beyond 7,000 rpm, something impossible with a stock modular V8.

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