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The Dream Car 123 electric car is not your average EV. Previously named the Zanis 1 after designer and builder Greg Zanis, the car is a pyramid-shaped beast that weighs something like 8,000 pounds and carries 80 batteries and four motors. Of course, there are also neon lights. Yeah, this isn't the most efficient vehicle ever.

Zanis has big dreams, from 65-feet-tall garages that collect solar and wind energy to city-to-city tunnels where vehicles like the Dream Car 123 can go 250 mph. For now, things are a bit more modest: the prototype can only go between 15 and 20 mph (but up to 40 downhill!). The good news, if you think this is a vehilce you'd like to drive: it's for sale on eBay right now. Current bid is $10,000 and the auction ends June 23.

As the seller says in the listing, "We are selling this car to rise money for the dream car project. We need to start making the real thing." For more information about the car, check out the Dream Car 123 website and watch the two videos describing the vehicle after the jump. Thanks to Andrew for the tip!

[Source: eBay, Dream Car 123]

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