With Congress on the verge of passing some kind of 'cash-for-clunkers' legislation, it's time to take a look at what cars are worth trading in for the scrappage credit and what models would be better to sell by other means. The good folks at Consumer Reports have come to the rescue. Obviously, a car that has a retail value greater than the corresponding rebate is not worth trading in unless you just can't be bothered to stick a For Sale sign in the window. The CR staff has examined the prices and concluded that pre-1993-94 Cadillac DeVilles, Eldorados and Sevilles are all solid candidates.

One surprise car on their list is the 2001 Lincoln LS V8. The LS was a well-regarded (if blandly styled) sedan in its time. Those looking for a good handling rear-drive alternative to a BMW 5-series would do well to consider one of these at their bargain basement used pricing, and we'd hate to see a good one sent to the crusher.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, CR's truck list is quite a bit longer than their car list, and it includes such winners as the pre-1996 Ford Aerostar and Isuzu Rodeo. Check out the whole list of clunkers-to-vouchers over at CR. Thanks to Richard for the tip!

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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