Officials in Maranello, Italy are cracking down on speeders outside the famous Ferrari factory, as bi-directional radar cameras have been placed on Via Giardini leading to and from the factory. The cameras are sure to nab plenty of Ferrari test drivers, as well as some of the 200,000 patrons who visit the Ferrari museum each year. The speed limit on Via Giardini is 50 kmh (31 mph), which is an unconscionable speed to drive one of the finest machines on earth.

One pizzeria is looking to gain a little publicity from the multitude of tickets destined to be issued from the speed cameras. Ristorante Teatro Caruso di Papozze is giving away a free Velox Pizza to anyone who presents a copy of their Maranello speeding ticket. In order to cash in on the offer, though, you'll have to drive about two hours from Maranello to Rovigo, where the restaurant resides. We can think of few better trips than a two hour drive through Italy for some free, authentic pizza.

There is plenty of resistance to additional speed cameras in Italy, as the area has had more than its fair share of controversy surrounding the devices. 50 cameras were recently confiscated and 81,000 tickets ripped up after it was discovered that calibration documents were falsified. In January, officials from T-Red cameras were arrested and countless city officials are battling corruption charges. Thanks for the tip, Richard!

[Source: The Newspaper | Image: Jalopnik]

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