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While it's certainly fair to pick nits and say that Mini's revival under BMW has resulted in a markedly different product than Sir Alec Issigonis' original machine, it's also fair to say that the world has once again embraced the friendly-faced little guy with open arms like few other automobiles before or since. As it was in the beginning, the Mini is a bona-fide cultural phenomenon, effortlessly transcending social and economic classifications to become the darling of auto enthusiasts and trend setters everywhere. Critically, as before, it's a also great steer – a nimble, tossable car capable of running rings around bigger, more powerful machinery on-track and off.

Consider it fitting, then, that Issigonis' big little achievement celebrates its 50th anniversary with a new, nicely done short film called Rebel Without Pause. The video features both contemporary and classic Minis in both modern and archival footage, and conveniently, it's available after the jump.

[Source: Mini]

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