At the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz revealed its F700 concept. In addition to being a big sedan with a tiny gas engine, it also wore a version of Mercedes' PRE-SCAN predictive suspension system. The technology scans the road ahead with a set of lasers mounted next to the headlights, and then optimizes the suspension settings to soak up what's coming.
An S-Class mule in Stuttgart has been caught wearing something that spies suggest could be an evaluation version of the PRE-SCAN system, hinting that a production system is in the not-too-distant future. The spotter said that you could put a glass of wine on the car and drive 50 km/hr and not spill a drop. If true, that would be fantastic. If, at the very least, it made the next S-Class as smooth as the Citroen C6 around a horse track, Mercedes would have another solid achievement on its hands. Hat tip to Paul!

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