Every F1 fan knows that while these might not be the darkest days for F1, they are certainly distracting and annoying. Max Mosley's years of unilaterally implementing rules might finally break up the F1 band, sending eight current teams into a breakaway F1 series or a different series entirely. If that happens, the people behind Le Mans have thrown open their doors to those poor, huddled masses.

Remy Brouard said that not only would Le Mans organizers welcome former F1 entrants, it would give them a voice in drafting regulations. "If they want to make proposals," he said, "we will listen." Among the possible breakaway teams, Ferrari, Renault, BMW, McLaren and Toyota all have experience in F1, and the first four have won the race. As much as we don't want our F1 to burst, a 2010 Le Mans grid with those five entrants plus Audi, Peugeot, and Aston Martin would be nothing short of outstanding.

[Source: Autosport via Motor Authority | Photo Credit: Fabrice Pluchet]

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