The air is thick and the sun is setting over the Circuit de la Sarthe as the competitors press on deep into their eighth hour of racing. By the time these words hit the screen, the No. 9 Peugeot will have done over 120 laps, with the No. 1 Audi R15 trailing by a full lap. The final five LMP1 slots are filled by the No. 8 Peugeot, No. 17 Peugeot and the 007 Lola Aston Martin. The No. 63 and 67 Corvettes have been running clean and strong all day, each putting down almost 110 laps and keeping a comfortable spread from the rest of the GT1 cars. Too bad this is the C6.R's last Le Mans, but we've been assured – despite GM's current troubles – that the team should be back next year.

Although Saturday's been hot and muggy, the most recent weather reports suggest rain is on the way, with a thunderstorm coming sometime Sunday – here's hoping. Despite being on the ground, we've been listening to the race unfold on Radio Le Mans, which has been broadcasting some stellar coverage of the event. Check it out here and expect more updates as the night wears on. With an espresso machine nearby and a comfortable floor to catch a few winks, we plan on enduring the enduro into the morning. Watch this space – Le Mans is at its best after the sun sets.

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