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There are 146 pages in the complaint filed by Tesla Motors co-founder Martin Eberhard against the company and current CEO Elon Musk (download the PDF here and read more background on the story here). It'll take a while to go through and understand the whole thing (we're not lawyers) and there will be reams more documents released as the case moves forward, but for now, here are some of the things that jumped out at us in the first skim through (all of these statements are alleged):

From the moment Musk joined the company in April 2004, he began a campaign to appropriate control of Tesla Motors and of Eberhard's legacy" and "committed a series of actions that not only resulted in the delay of the release of the Roadster to the consumer market, but also compromised Tesla Motors' financial health (page 2).

During the design process of the Roadster, Musk took a persistent and distracting interest in random details of marginal importance, such as wasting valuable resources and time on research on installing electronic door latches rather than conventional door latches (page 6).

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Martin Eberhard

Another statement in the complaint says that, "A conservative estimate of the second production Roadster's value is in the $2-3 million range" (page 20). Other interesting tidbits: Eberhard's side of the story of the delivery of Eberhard's damaged Roadster (page 3 and 20), the search for a new CEO and CFO (page 7) and taking Musk to town for his Stanford story (page 18). We should note again that the official Tesla Motors line is that "This lawsuit is a fictionalized, inaccurate account of Tesla's early years."

We want to know what you've found in the document. Anything else good in there?

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