1946 Aero Packard Flyer "Dream Rod" - Click above for a high-res gallery

We thought a vehicle like Jay Leno's Tank Car would be a one-off. After all, how many hot rods out there are thirty feet long and have a 1792 cubic-inch turbocharged V12 underneath the hood putting out 1600 horsepower? Well, this bad boy that we spotted at the Los Angeles Concours this past weekend doesn't exactly have that powertrain, but as you can see from that massive engine poking out of its fuselage, it does have some rather impressive hardware. What is it, you ask? A 2500 cubic-inch Packard supercharged V12 originally used in a PT boat from WWII.

The 41-liter motor produces an astounding 2000 horsepower and 3000 lb-ft of torque. That's right, this thing is actually even more bad ass than Leno's tank car. Known as the "Dream Rod", it was constructed by Rodney Rucker, one of the three Blastolene Brothers also responsible for building the tank car and the insane Hemi Trike we spotted at the Grand National Roadster Show earlier this year. Check out our high-res photos in the gallery below.

Update - we've added a video of the Dream Rod starting up after the jump.

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