If a car is going to use a series hybrid or extended range EV powertrain a a conventional piston engine is hardly the optimal package for a range extender. Something smaller and more power dense would be preferred. A small turbine engine is one possibility and that's exactly the approach taken by Langford Performance engineering. They've used a micro-turbine from California-based Capstone Turbine. A turbine works well in this type of application because it can run at constant speed.

The package has been integrated into a Ford S-Max MPV along with an electric drivetrain using lithium ion batteries. The Whisper Eco-Logic has a range of 40 miles on its batteries before the range extender starts up. Langford is claiming the vehicle gets 67 mpg (U.S.) with the diesel-fueled turbine. Langford is demonstrating the vehicle in hopes of lining up a partnership with an automaker to commercialize the powertrain. A video of the ER-EV S-Max is after the jump.

[Source: Capstone Turbine]


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