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The 16th season of the hit British motorcar show Fifth Gear is just getting off the ground, and it's starting in style with a review of a stunningly beautiful Audi R8 V10. Unfortunately, Fifth Gear didn't appear to really wring out the 522 hp, V10 beauty during their review, but the rain may have had something to do with it. The UK team did provide plenty of exquisite shots of the top Audi, though, along with plenty of pithy dialogue.

Do the blokes at 5G feel that the added punch of the V10 engine is enough to justify the massive price premium over the standard V8-powered R8? Hit the jump to view Fifth Gear's leisurely review for yourself. We're not entirely sure we agree with the final analysis of the V10's merits, but we'll reserve judgment until we get our mitts on one. In the meantime, we appreciate the well-done video and the R8's striking blue paint – a shade we haven't encountered before, but one we look forward to seeing again and again.

[Source: YouTube]

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