Saab seems to be eking out as much exposure as possible from its upcoming 9-5 sedan and wagon. The Swedish automaker has reportedly flown a number of European journalists to the Saab museum in its home town of Trollhattan, where what appears to be production-ready versions of the new 9-5 in wagon form were covered up with nothing but thin, somewhat translucent covers.

Due to the nature of such form-fitting attire, we can clearly see the outline of the brand's familiar front fascia, albeit slightly modified with a more deep-set look than current models. There is also just a hint of headlight trim brightwork, which looks rather subdued when compared to the current 9-5. The rest of the car is much harder to interpret, though we do spot rakish-looking C-pillars that lend further credence to the sedan's expected coupe-like shape.

In addition to the 9-5, Saab also kept a 9-4x prototype under wraps in its Showroom of the Future. There's not much to glean there, from what we can see the planned CUV shares its basic shape with the Cadillac SRX but at least gets an infusion of Saab-specific DNA in the front fascia. Click here to see the rest of the spy shots from Saabs United.

[Source: Saabs United via Jalopnik]

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