Gran Turismo for PSP Go demo: Click above to watch video after the jump

Fans of Gran Turismo are rejoicing over the fifth edition of the legendary racing series that was shown at the E3 gaming expo last week. The world-renown racing sim will also debut a new version for the Sony PSP Go this October, and it It boasts 60 frames-per-second rendering, 800 cars, 35 tracks and the ability to play against three friends over wi-fi – pretty good specs for a portable game.

Last week we showed you a trailer of GT5 for the decidedly non-portable PS3, and now we've got actual running footage of the portable game being played. Hit the jump to view a Nissan GT-R taking on all comers in the newest and smallest edition to the Gran Turismo franchise. You can also see some sweet screen shots of the new GT by viewing the gallery below.

[Source: GT Planet]

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