It is estimated that up to 200 Fiat executives would relocate to Michigan if Fiat ends up owning Chrysler, and the city of Birmingham, Michigan wants them. It's gearing up for something like an Olympic bid to attract prosperous Continental types, and is joined in the effort by nearby city Bloomfield Hills. The two cities are regular landing spots for top level execs -- Zetsche, Wagoner, Henderson and Nardelli, among others -- with beautiful real estate, high property values, and a high school founded to serve transplanted kids.

A Birmingham real estate agent is planning to present its relocation services to the local Italian consulate. and the Bloomfield Hills International Academy is considering an Italian extracurricular program. To sweeten the deal, the owner of a boutique shoe store pitches the fact that only she and the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas sell $1,595 Chrissie Morris high heeled sandals. No, it's not Turin and the surroundings are the Piedmont -- but a fresh million in Birmingham will get you 3,000 square feet more living space and a yard, and if you're going to be in Michigan anyway...

[Source: Bloomberg]

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