The history of the Audi A1 is a great deal of talk and renderings capped by one confirmed sighting. We've seen the A1 Sportback and been told that an A1 Cabrio is coming, after which we were told that the A1 wouldn't be coming to the U.S. Now everyone is in on the game, with forum user The Pretender at posting one idea of what a targa version of the A1 could be -- even though it seems much more in line with what an Audi version of the VW Bluesport could be.
Of course, if the A1 isn't coming to America, an A1 targa – a dedicated two-seater, mind you – would have to make a strong price case for itself against an A1 Cabrio, A3 Cabrio, a possible Bluesport Audi, bog standard versions of the TT, plus cross-country competition from the Mini convertible and BMW 1-Series (both four-seaters). But if we ignore all of that and simply consider the rendering above, the questions are: Do we need it and would it tempt you?


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