Cruising the Ohio Turnpike is about to get a whole lot easier. Anyone who's ever traveled the highway is probably plenty familiar with the annoyance of having to scrounge for change and small bills to pay at each toll booth. But after holding out for years, the Ohio Turnpike Commission is taking a big step forward. Not only will they now institute the E-Z Pass system already implemented across much of the northeast, but many toll booths will now begin accepting debit and credit cards even if you're not part of the E-Z Pass program.

The implementation of the credit and debit card readers will begin at select, low-traffic toll booths by the end of the year, eventually to be installed at a larger array along the 241-mile highway. Neighboring Indiana will follow suit as well, where the E-Z Pass system is already in effect.

[Source: via Kicking Tires | Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons]

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