According to, ambivalence means "uncertainty or fluctuation, especially when caused by inability to make a choice or by a simultaneous desire to say or do two opposite or conflicting things." Why does this matter right now? Because ambivilanece is the word used by The Washington Post to describe GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz's feelings on the upcoming Chevy Volt. The Post writer seems to suggest that Lutz and the rest of GM's top brass are conflicted by the desire to build muscular gas-guzzlers while also pandering to the whims of environmentalists and our federal government.

Not so, replies Lutz, who took the time to write a response to the column on GM's Fastlane Blog. Calling the piece "incredibly inaccurate," Lutz goes on to offer his true opinion of the Volt and the future of the electric automobile. Lutz goes on to reiterate his previous assertions that the Volt project "is the most exciting program I have worked on in my entire career."

The whole thing is well worth a read, which is to be expected coming from Lutz, who's quotes we're sorely going to miss when he eventually retires for good. Nowhere else will you read such choice gems as this: "As I've said, just because the grocery store expands its offering of organically grown vegetables doesn't mean it shuts down the meat counter."

[Source: GM Fastlane]

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