For all the problems Zap has had bringing vehicles like the Alias to market, they are taking reservations for the Zap Truck XL, an all-electric four-wheeled vehicle that might be the truck that Zap wants to build in Kentucky using DOE money. Zap isn't the only American company that wants to sell this truck though; GM already does, sort of.

The Zap truck is actually based on a Chinese model (non-electric) called the Wuling Sunshine. Edmunds recently talked to Bob Lutz about the four-cylinder minitruck, which GM partners with Chinese companies to make and sell overseas. Lutz said vehicles like the Wuling Sunshine are "hugely important" because the global vehicle market is getting split into two halves: the advanced vehicle market that exists in prosperous regions and the simple/basic/cheap vehicle market you can find everywhere else. Sometimes, like with the Wuling Sunshine and the Zap Truck XL, these worlds meet up and leave us amused. Watch a video of Lutz talking about the Sunshine after the jump. Thanks to Jim for the tip!

[Source: via YouTube]

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