If you were appointing a steward to supervise the safe and fair running of a major auto race, you'd probably appoint someone with unimpeachable credentials, right? Someone who wouldn't have, say, totaled an F1 car in a publicity stunt for the gathered press? Well, if you needed any further indication that the FIA is a bit backwards, here it is: Mohammed Bin Sulayem (pictured above, at left) was appointed official race steward for this past weekend's Turkish Grand Prix.

Some may remember Sulayem as the UAE automobile club president and FIA vice-president who crashed a Renault R28 F1 car while drag-racing a Ford GT just this past April at the Dubai Autodrome. The former Emirates rally champion was named as one of three stewards for the Turkish GP, and will be back on duty at the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix next month.

[Source: F1-Live | Image: Haider Shah/AFP/Getty]

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