The Brazilian city of São Paulo hosted this year's edition of the Ethanol Summit. Opened by former President Clinton, one of the main issues this year was how to certify sustainable ethanol. You know the story: The EU wants to burn more ethanol in order to curb greenhouse emissions and is committed to use 10 percent biofuels. When demand exceeds local production, EU companies use imports, requesting that the imported fuel is made using certified sustainable sources. However, many organizations state that some ethanol producers don't use sustainable methods and there are increasing questions about the benefits of ethanol as well.

Therefore, the Ethanol Summit established rules that will apply to biofuel that is labeled "sustainable ethanol." The label will be applied to fuel made by producers who voluntarily follow the sustainable guidelines, as published by BSI (Better Sugarcane Initiative). These are a set of 21 rules and 48 indicators that will be made public and available by all certified companies. Expect the first certifications to be ready for 2014

[Source: Ethanol summit (link is Portuguese)]

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