Here's an interesting concept: too many electric cars. While even the most optimistic EV proponents don't see electric cars making a huge dent in the number of traditional ICE vehicles any time soon, a powertrain analyst for J.D. Power and Associates, thinks that there soon (within the next decade) might be a "glut" of plug-in cars. Go figure.

Actually, here's how analyst Mike Omotoso's figuring goes: right now, governments and greenies are the driving force behind electric cars. WIth the high cost of the plug-ins and the low cost of gas, there just won't be enough customer demand for EVs once the initial rush (and the first wave of subsidies) is over.

In this (potential) environment, which electric companies have the Right Stuff to survive? Jay Yaron, over at Business Insider thinks that Nissan, Toyota, Tesla, GM and Coda (yes, brand new Coda) are the ones to watch. Your thoughts?

[Source: Reuters, Business Insider]

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