Toyota officials in the U.S. may express public skepticism over market prospects for plug-in vehicles, but that doesn't mean the company isn't working on related technology. The latest batch of plug-in hybrid Priuses will arrive late this year and Toyota showed a conceptual battery powered version of the iQ, the FT-EV, earlier this year.
Making plug-in vehicles a viable mainstream alternative in the near to mid term will require the installation of a significant network of public charging points to help overcome the range issues inherent in EVs. To that end, Toyota Industries has unveiled its new public charging station that goes on sale this summer in Japan. Toyota developed this unit with Nitto Electric Works and it's designed to feed single phase electric power at 200 V and 16 A. The charging units will cost ¥450,000 or about $4,600 at current exchange rates.

[Source: Toyota Industries]

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