FOLLOW-UP: McLaren F1 all fired up for return to England [w/VIDEO]

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We hate the sight of a destroyed exotic, especially one so rare and exceptional as the McLaren F1. So we're glad to bring you this follow-up report from Santa Rosa, California, where one such supercar went up in smoke last week. And though it hasn't been fixed yet, journos on the scene report that the McLaren in question is being flown back to the factory in England to be repaired.

Ordinarily an engine bay catching on fire would be cause enough for a write off, but this is no ordinary vehicle. With a reported value in excess of $2 million (and being insured for $3 million), even if the repairs cost over a million by themselves, it'd still be well worth the effort and expense, especially if there hasn't been any real damage to the chassis. Check out the video after the jump, and follow the link to check out the full report at the Press Democrat where they quote the most authoritative source in the land. (Hey, one good turn deserves another.)

[Source: Press Democrat]

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