The first ever TTXGP is now just a few days away and teams are still arriving to the Isle of Man for the event. One group that arrived earlier than most is XXL Racing from Germany, and as a result, their rider was the first to "stretch the legs" of a competing machine on the island. A resident of the Crown dependency, Frank Schuengel, happened to be on hand with a camera and recorded the moment on video. He also took a bunch of stills that are available in the gallery below. You can check out his website for lots more.

Unfortunately we don't know a lot about the bike aside that it uses a synchronous electric motor, likely a prototype from Siemens, to take it over 124 mph (200 km/h). It features regenerative braking and will be piloted by the TT-experienced rider Thomas Schönfelder. Go ahead and hit the jump to see it in action. As an added bonus, we've thrown in a clip from Mission Motors testing, tearing down and shipping off their entry. Enjoy.

[Source: Frank Schuengel / ManxTube / YouTube]
Photo: creative commons by Frank Schuengel

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