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Ever since Tata Motors announced plans to build a $2,500 car, speculation has been rife about whether the car would ever make it to the U.S. At the annual meeting of the company this week, Ratan Tata made it clear that the little Nano will indeed come to America if he has anything to do with it. The Nano is currently undergoing modifications and testing to meet U.S. safety and emissions standards. The U.S. version will likely be based on the Nano Europa that was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

In addition to a model that meets American regulations, Tata is reportedly working on other variants, including a more powerful two-door and even a MINI Clubman-esque wagon. Even the existing four-door will get more powertrain options like all-electric and hybrid drive. The hybrid is likely of the micro-hybrid auto start-stop variety. Tata is also a licensee of the MDI's compressed air drive technology and is working on a Nano-based application. Thanks to Jaz for the tip!

[Source: Indian Autos Blog]

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