2010 E Class wagon testing in Namibia - Click above for a high-res gallery

We find it cool that carmakers cart their rides all over the globe to carry out the most brutal testing in the most out of the way places. They must find it a little frustrating, however, that car mavens with cameras and internet connections lurk in even in the most remote locations .

According to AB reader Tom, he spotted a pair of lightly-camoed Mercedes-Benz E-Class wagons and a sedan "on the desert gravel roads between Walvis Bay and Solitaire in Namibia." The wagons are getting ready for their debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in a few months, and if the tailpipe application is accurate then the black one is likely a V8 – and yes, this does mean we want a blacked-out wagon E550 wagon. You can check out high-res pics of the trio below. Thanks for the images, Tom!

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