Flex-fuel vehicles, especially trucks and SUVs, are increasingly commonplace in the U.S. market. However, in many (actually most) parts of the country, actually finding ethanol at retail pumps is exceedingly difficult, if not impossible. E-Fuel technology now has a solution that allows users to produce and pump their own ethanol at home or work. The MicroFueler is an all-in-one ethanol production and dispensing system that takes prepared feedstocks in one end and pours out alcohol from the other. The unit includes a feedstock tank, fermentation tank, distillation stack, and fuel storage tank in addition to the pump.
At $9,995, the MicroFueler is not likely to save normal users much in the way of money. However for fleet users, it could be a viable option. When you buy the unit, you sign up with an E-Fuel distributor that delivers the prepared feedstock which essentially a sugar solution made from various organic waste. The device requires electrical and water hookups and consumes up to four gallons of water per gallon of ethanol produced.

Chico, California-based Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is installing a MicroFueler at its brewery to produce fuel from its beer waste. E-Fuel Technology will start shipping the MicroFueler in July.

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E-Fuel Leads the Organic Fuel Revolution with New MicroFueler and Business Model

E-Fuel Technology and Business Model to be Displayed at California State Capitol

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The E-Fuel Corporation, joined by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, will unveil the final production model of the E-Fuel MicroFueler™, the world's first home ethanol system, today at the California State Capitol. The MicroFueler, a household appliance-sized unit that creates ethanol fuel (E-Fuel100) from organic waste, is revolutionizing the green fuel industry.

Since the prototype's unveiling in May 2008, the MicroFueler design and E-Fuel business model have undergone improvements that will enable consumers and businesses to more easily reduce their carbon footprint by producing energy where it is consumed, and breaking ties to the oil industry and local power grid. The final MicroFueler product will start shipping to California consumers in July. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, CA plans to install a MicroFueler this year and use its beer waste to power its vehicles. The State of California's Department of General Services is also exploring a pilot program to test the MicroFueler with its flex-fuel vehicles.

"We are making our state a cleaner, greener and healthier place for everyone, but our goals require revolutionary technologies and low-carbon fuels," said Governor Schwarzenegger. "That's why I get so excited about the entrepreneurial spirit of creative and innovative companies who have been inspired by our groundbreaking environmental policies and are putting people to work right here in California. It's great news for our economy, our environment and our energy future."

New MicroFueler Design

The final MicroFueler product, which starts shipping in July, is more than 60% smaller and 80% lighter when compared to the original concept unit shown last year. The size and weight reduction is due to several design improvements to the core ethanol conversion column that is now capable of processing various organic waste material, as well as cellulosic and algae feedstocks.

Electricity from E-Fuel100 and 50% Water

The MicroFueler solution has been expanded to include the new GridBuster electric generator. The MicroFueler supports the optional GridBuster through a direct-connect fuel feed and intelligent control circuitry. The fuel is automatically combined with 50% water for optimal efficiency ad pumped to the GridBuster. Customers are free to drop off the grid and generate their own electricity, realizing substantial savings.

MicroFueler Supply Chain Model

Improvements to the E-Fuel business model and MicroFueler design mean that the sole task customers are required to perform is to simply fill their vehicles with E-Fuel100 ethanol. The E-Fuel Global Network (EGN) will monitor all aspects of the MicroFueler performance via online connectivity to an E-Fuel datacenter server. Local E-Fuel-registered dealers will have real time status updates and will be notified when organic fuel deliveries are required.

E-Fuel dealers are geographically focused, typically servicing multiple counties within a state, an entire state, or an entire country. Currently, E-Fuel dealers are setting up operations in 16 US states, as well as Ireland and Japan. E-Fuel plans to build a comprehensive international wide network of dealers, centered in major metro areas worldwide by the end of 2010. Dealers will sell and service MicroFuelers purchased at www.microfueler.com and will deliver organic fuel to customers for E-Fuel100 ethanol production.

Organic Fuel from Waste

E-Fuel has identified billions of gallons of organic waste worldwide which will act as the primary source of fuel for MicroFueler production of ethanol. One example is the "beer slurry" discarded from breweries. In Chico, CA. the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co discards 1.6 million gallons of beer slurry each year, and has agreed to test MicroFuelers at its plant, with a goal of creating its own E-Fuel100 ethanol for its fleet of vehicles and other purposes. Being abundant and inexpensive, organic waste will create E-Fuel100 ethanol that will always be available and price competitive against gasoline.

Tom Quinn, E-Fuel Corporation CEO, said "Our game changing system and technology eliminates the two main impediments to ethanol production – the reliance on corn as a feedstock and the difficulties of distributing ethanol. Now that consumers can produce organic fuel where they consume it, they can drastically reduce their reliance on fossil fuels by avoiding the gas station and powering their homes off the grid."

MicroFueler Availability

E-Fuel is now accepting dealer applications and MicroFueler orders at www.microfueler.com and first shipments will begin in July 2009. The MicroFueler is available for US customers for $9,995.00, although significant federal, state and local rebates may be available.

About E-Fuel

The E-Fuel Corporation was founded in 2007 by Tom Quinn and ethanol scientist Floyd Butterfield to create efficient micro ethanol refinery products for people who want to break their dependency on oil.

With more than 30 people employed in Los Gatos and Paso Robles, California and China, the employees of E-Fuel represent some of the top United States ethanol researchers and proven Silicon Valley professionals with diverse expertise in the ethanol, electronics, automotive and software industries.

E-Fuel creates ethanol micro refinery products that conform to U.S. safety and durability standards and include modern safety features. E-Fuel products are available for purchase online and through a network of worldwide resellers. For more information, visit http://www.microfueler.com.

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