Loremo electric car - Click above to watch the video after the break

It wasn't long ago that we first saw the first prototype from Germany startup automaker and Auto X-Prize hopeful Loremo move under its own power on video. That clip, though, left us a bit wanting, primarily because there was no sound to be heard. When watching Loremo's latest video, go ahead and turn the volume up. Although the sound doesn't quite seem to match the video in most places and the quality of the footage isn't going to be bringing home any awards, it's better than nothing.

Our current understanding is that the Loremo team has postponed the use of diesel engines in their initial super-lightweight automobiles due to the high cost of sourcing the engines and getting them certified for road use. Instead, the company will forge ahead with an electric version of the vehicle, followed closely by models with at least two optional gasoline-fed powerplants. Click past the break to see and hear the car in action. Thanks for the tip, Matthijs!

[Source: YouTube]

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