We love cars here at Autoblog, and we've been inflicted with this particular disease for our entire lives – even back when we were but young little tykes. Like most of you, we have fond memories of plopping ourselves in front of the television to watch Saturday morning cartoons – especially the shows that prominently featured automobiles in one form or another. In fact, that appreciation for all things automotive lives with us to this day, and we still get a kick out of animated features that focus in on our favorite subject in the world.

With all of this in mind, follow along with us today as we recount our favorite Top 10 Animated Cars Of All Time. To make it on our list, a vehicle had to be prominently featured on an animated show on either the small or big screen. Hopefully, there's something for everybody on today's list, as it stretches from before many of us were born right on through to today.

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