Park Lane Rolls Royce MINI - click for gallery

People love to imagine bigger and better things for the long-running MINI. Whether it's a new Speedster version or a revived MINI Moke, the platform inspires daydreaming. Apparently, it aspires, too, to a more pimed out existence. Rumors of a Rolls Royce-branded MINI have been floating around recently, stoked most recently by a series of pictures taken recently at London's famous Park Lane MINI dealership. Sadly, this is not a production Rolls MINI. Instead, this is a MINI made for "a recent dealer event," and a MINI spokesperson told Theswitchback that a MINI Rolls has not yet been approved for production. Sorry.

Still, anyone who's going to do any speculation about the MINI Rolls could use this car as inspiration: it's got magnolia-colored leather practically everywhere, including the roof lining and the air vents. Everything else is covered in walnut wood and glossy black piano trim. It may not be a production previer, but it is pretty pretty.

[Source: Total MINI via MotoringFile]

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