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Those interested in hearkening back to the old days of motorcycling can probably find exactly what they're looking for at their nearest Ural dealership. The Russian motorcycle maker has just introduced its newest model, which is called simply the Ural T, and it appears to be a solid step backwards towards basic sidecar transportation – and we mean that in the best way possible.

Powered by the same 40-horsepower air-cooled Boxer-twin engine and four-speed transmission (with reverse) as the rest of Ural's line, the T should prove to be a sufficiently entertaining steed and should be equally adept traveling on anything from meandering country roads to dirt roads and anything in between.

We're big fans of the matte black paint scheme (though if parked in our own garages, the bike would likely lose the contrasting maroon pinstriping) as well as its low $9,999 price tag. By far, though, the most intriguing part of Ural ownership would surely be the riding experience. As our good friend Basem from About.com found after taking a spin on the Ural T, piloting a sidecar outfit can be an eye-opening experience. Click past the break for the official press release.


New Ural "T"- an offer from Russia you can't refuse

Thrifty chic is in and the Russians get it!

Ural, the little Siberian motorcycle manufacturer is bringing a new model called the "T" at an unbeatable $9,999 price tag (hitting the US dealers this June).

Famous for its rugged and military looking Sahara and Gear-Up models, the company is now offering a sleek matt black urban sidecar motorcycle, equally suitable for everyday commute, an elegant Saturday night outing, or a relaxed back-roads weekend.

"We tried to distill the essence of Ural to one lean and clean package - a functional, affordable sidecar motorcycle with a touch of style and a promise of great adventure" , says the company website.

"Ural T comes across as an honest, utilitarian, and thoroughly enjoyable ride" – Basem Wasef, the first journalist to ride the "T" says in his review for www.about.com

Ural is the only motorcycle company which offers factory ready sidecar motorcycles. All Urals are powered by a 750cc "boxer" engine and have a 4-forward/1-reverse transmission. Several models are equipped with an engagebale 2wd system. MSRP ranges from $9,999 to $13,999

Urals are assembled in Russia with the high quality components from such well-known manufacturers as Brembo, Ducati Energia, Sachs, Herzog, Denso, Keihin and others.

The limited production of Ural motorcycles is mainly sold in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan.

For more information visit www.imz-ural.com

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