Chevrolet has just launched a factory LPG conversion of the little Spark in the Indian market. The Spark is re-badged version of the Daewoo Matiz sold in most of Asia. While there are a number of after-market conversions available, this is the first factory installation. Like most such installations, this is a bi-fuel setup that allows the driver to switch between running on LPG or gasoline depending on what is available.

The LPG Spark gets a new sequential port fuel injection for its 1.0-liter engine and is available in two trim levels. The factory installation means the car qualifies for the standard 3 year/60,000 mile warranty. Chevrolet is also offering three years of free maintenance for the new models. When running on LPG, the Spark has lower emissions than it does on gasoline, although no information is available about performance or efficiency. Thanks to Jaz for the tip!


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