On a recent episode of The Chrysler Files, customers who purchased Chrysler vehicles that were later officially certified as lemons were being reimbursed by the company with checks... that bounced. The snafu stemmed from the fact that while said claims were made before Chrysler's bankruptcy, after the automaker's Chapter 11 filing, the judge had to clear the funds to be paid from Chrysler's account. Since the judge hadn't cleared the funds, the checks were worth precisely zero dollars.

Those owners will be happy to know that the judge has finally approved Fiat and Chyrsler honoring "all warranty and lemon law obligations" for cars purchased up to five years before April 30. With the ruling, those affected will also be eligible for additional costs and attorney's fees. Of course, that news still doesn't detail when you stranded motorists can expect a check to arrive -- or when they can cash the ones they already have -- but help is on the way.

[Source: Automotive News, sub req'd]

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