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REPORT: Jesse James plans land-speed record for hydrogen-powered streamliner

Famous motorcycle builder and all-around celebrity Jesse James plans to attempt a new world record top speed run for a hydrogen-powered vehicle later this month on a dry lake bed somewhere in California. The actual car being used is a former land speeder called the Dees-Milodon Engineering-Davis B Streamliner, which had previously attained speeds as high as 237 mph at Bonneville.

Replacing the car's old Chrysler powerplant will be a brand new 572 cubic inch Chevy crate motor that's been converted to run on gaseous hydrogen and is force fed by twin turbochargers that add 50 pounds of boost. The fuel will be stored in 10,000 psi tanks sourced from hydrogen specialists Quantum Technologies.

If you think piloting a ticking time bomb land speed record car from the 1960s that's carrying a ton of compressed hydrogen and has been beefed up with a fully modern and ridiculously potent powerplant is crazy, that's what Jesse's going for. The actual event will be recorded as part of the upcoming series, Jesse James is a Dead Man.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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