Presidents and biofuels. Seems to be a theme today. Back in February, the Governors' Biofuels Coalition sent a letter to President Obama asking for a stronger ethanol position, specifically asking that the national blend be increased to E13 and that the government consider promoting the sustainability of biofuel feedstocks and making sure there is a market for the finished product (it's something they've called for before). Obama has now responded, saying that the administartion's pro-biofuel stance takend in early May was made with the coalition's letter in mind. In a speech given at that time, Obama talked about a new Presidential Biofuels Directive, the establishment of a Biofuels Interagency Working Group, and how more Recovery Act funds could be used for renewable fuel projects. In the letter to the coalition Obama did not address the E13 suggestion, but did write:
Advanced renewable transportation fuels will be one of the nation's most important industries in the 21st Century. As you well know, the nation's biofuels industry today uses the starch portion of feedgrains as its primary feedstock, which has focused debate on how to accurately measure the greenhouse gas effect of corn-based ethanol. What is often underappreciated in this debate is that the industry is moving toward the utilization of a wide variety of non-grain feedstocks for biofuels.
Does anyone else think he sounds a bit like a condescending science teacher here? I'm sure it sounded better in person.

[Source: Ethanol Producer]

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