Jeremy Clarkson kills a Mitsubishi Evo – Click above for high-res gallery

The automotive enthusiast world is waiting with bated breath to see what the chaps at Top Gear have up their clever sleeves for season 13. So far, we know that TG will be cutting back on the fancy a bit, as the wildly popular British car show has been handed a substantial budget cut.

One thing that doesn't cost much at all is creativity, and team Top Gear has free thought in spades. Photos captured during shooting show that Jeremy Clarkson is up to his old tricks, as he takes a perfectly good Mitsubishi Evo and manages to get it torn to shreds in front of the cameras – reportedly with the aid of the British Army. Perhaps the TG gang wanted to go back to the well after the smash hit that was the Ford Fiesta invasion with the Royal Marines. In the end, though, the Fiesta came out no worse for wear, while we can already see that someone or something tried the hard way to convert the turbocharged Mitsubishi into a drop-top. Click on the gallery below for more shots of Clarkson and the hapless Evo.

[Source: Lancer Register]

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