VIDEO: The best motorcycle save you'll see all week

Raffaele de Rosa's amazing save - Click above to watch the video after the jump

Without a doubt, one of the scariest moments in any motorcycle rider's life is the split-second just before a high-side. This kind of accident often takes place after a turn is taken at high speed and the rider attempts to accelerate out of the corner. The rear tire loses enough traction that it slides out of line with the front wheel, then quickly regains its footing, snapping the bike violently upright. Almost always, this results in a nasty spill, making high-sides extremely dangerous.

This exact scenario played out during the qualifying round for the 250cc MotoGP race in Mugello. Honda rider Raffaele de Rosa was near the end of a fast lap when the bike lost traction and then quickly snapped back up, very nearly throwing de Rosa off the bike. Obviously a skilled rider, he was able to ride the bike as if it were some sort of rodeo bull, remounting the machine and returning to the pits. Truly amazing, and we highly recommend you click past the break to watch the video. Tip of the hat helmet to Karan!

[Source: Fast Fever]


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