Russian taxi company adds Carver to fleet

Carver One for taxi duty - Click above for a high-res image gallery

We don't often hear about the Carver One here in the United States, probably because it's not actually available for sale in this country. Apparently, that's not the case in much of the European Union and Russia, where a taxi company called 1Motto has reportedly purchased a Carver One to shuttle occupants to their destinations as quickly as possible, even through rush hour traffic.

Motorcycle taxi services are becoming increasingly popular in many densely populated urban areas, especially in Europe, since vehicles with a single track (two wheels in line with one another) can more easily fit through gaps in traffic. Some passengers, though, seem to have a distaste for two-wheelers, feeling that they aren't quite as safe as they'd like, and this is where vehicles like the Piaggio MP3 and the aforementioned Carver come into play. Due to its full roof, the Carver can be used all season long and in any kind of weather.

[Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane]

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