Jaguar's owner Ratan Tata has made it clear that he wants to expand Jag's sportscar offerings beyond the scope of the current XK, and this is what the British rumormill has cooked. Dubbed the C-Type, the renderings depict a compact two-door roadster to rival the likes of Porsche's Boxster, BMW's Z4, Mercedes' SLK and Nissan's 370Z. With a lightweight aluminum chassis and powertrain options to potentially include a 235hp V6, 380hp V8 and 3.0-liter turbodiesel, the C-Type could offer exciting performance in a compact package, like Aston's Vantage, but at a fraction of the price. Although in the present climate Jaguar would do well to take things one step at a time, the report speculates that the diminutive C-Type could come in addition to a 911-rivaling E-Type successor and an R8-battling supercar. Likely? Not quite. Exciting? Most definitely. Hat tip to Mo for the news!
[Source: Auto Express]

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