Piaggio MP3 Hybrid officially in production

Piaggio MP3 Hybrid - Click above for a high-res image gallery

As expected, Piaggio has apparently begun production of the three-wheeled MP3 Hybrid. Currently, the bike is only available in Europe with a price of under €10,000 ($14,125), but we've been hearing rumors that it would make the trip across the pond and into America at some point in the relatively near future. According to Motociclismo, Roberto Colaninno, the President and CEO of Piaggio, delivered the first MP3 Hybrid to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi last week.

We don't yet have a final spec sheet on the new hybrid three-wheeler, but we're expecting to see a 125cc gas-powered engine mated up with an electric motor and lithium ion battery pack that will allow for gas-free riding for up to 12 miles. Combined fuel mileage could be as high as 140 miles per gallon, according to earlier reports.

[Source: Motociclismo via Motoblog via 2 Stroke Buzz]

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