In this world where there seems to be a gadget for everything, there must be unusual gadgets to monitor your driving and teach you to drive green, right? Yes, we all know the basic rules: go light on the gas pedal, using high gears as early as possible, being gentle on the brake pedal... While you can get Fiat's eco:Drive that plugs and downloads your driving data to a PC, not all cars have this ability.
For non-Fiat drivers who want a bit of techno-help, meet the EcoGyzer, a French-developed gadget that uses GPS to record your driving data. Then it links to a PDA or a cell phone app and teaches the driver to drive efficiently. The device will be unveiled in a few months, but is aimed not only at the eco-concious driver, but also at fleet users who can also use more ways to find fuel savings.

[Source: EcoGyzer]

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