Review: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V offers supercar performance, everyday drivability
When Cadillac's engineers were tasked with creating the second generation CTS-V, they made a pact to blow the competition out of the water. In doing so, they've created a world-beating super sedan and one of the best vehicles GM has ever produced.
Top 7 Good Cars From "Bad GM"
With the "bad" bits of GM being amputated from the corporate mothership, we pick the seven good models from the General's "bad" list and attempt to figure out why they're going away.
U.S. Air Force builds two crazy custom pony cars for recruiting
The U.S. Armed Forces needs new recruits, but they've moved beyond sending officers to the local job fair. These days, the U.S. Air Force is using a pair of radically customized pony cars to get your attention. Mission accomplished.
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