Jay Leno's EcoJet - Click above to watch the video

Now that Jay Leno's retired from his duties hosting The Tonight Show, he may find himself with a bit more time on his hands to devote to his many automotive passions. Jay occasionally leans towards the green end of the interesting vehicle spectrum, and that tradition looks secure as the comedian has recently been spotted out and about in his home state of California in the EcoJet concept.

It's been a few years since we last heard about the prototype car, which uses a biodiesel-powered Honeywell turbine engine mated to a rear-mounted transaxle and chassis bits from a Corvette Z06, but it's now apparently fully operational. As you can clearly see in the video pasted after the break, the carbon fiber and kevlar-bodied EcoJet sounds like God's Own Hair Dryer and draws quite a crowd when Leno randomly shows up with it it at a local car shows.

[Source: YouTube via Straightline]


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