Review: 2009 Subaru Forester 2.5X Premium retains edge, adds smoothness
For 2009, Subaru's Forester retains and expands what has historically been great about this Fuji Heavy crossover, but the rough edges have finally been hammered flat.
Top 10 Talking Points To Sound Smart About GM Bankruptcy
We're car people. So our friends, family and co-workers depend on us to explain what's going on with GM's bankruptcy filing. So we've assembled the Top 10 talking points you need to know.
Spy Shots: BMW M7 prototype or 7 Series hybrid?
A decidedly aggressive looking 7 Series mule was caught testing in Germany with a slight power bulge tacked onto the hood, a new fascia sporting a set of gaping air intakes and a revised intercooler. Can you say M7?
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