Ford Fiesta Sedan for the U.S. – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ford has already released 100 Euro-market Ford Fiesta hatchbacks into the hands of its Fiesta Movement ambassadors, but the actual production model being developed for the U.S. will have some differences, as these spy shots indicate. For one, the U.S. will have a sedan model in addition to the two- and four-door hatchback. If you peruse the gallery below, you'll notice the sedan gets a large trunk with a high decklid. The extra cargo capacity adds some rear overhang, but it appears to integrate nicely with Ford's overall design.

This model snapped while testing also features camouflage over its front and rear end to hide the various design tweaks that will be exclusive to our market. As much as we can tell through the cloaking, it appears U.S.-spec Fiestas will have a different, larger grille than their European and Chinese counterparts. Check out the rest of the spy shots that reveal Ford's new small car from every angle in the gallery below.

[Photos: KGP Photography]

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