Kia Soul'ster - Click above for a high-res image gallery

One of the reasons automakers build concept vehicles is to gauge the public's reaction to a new design. Apparently, the Kia Soul'ster garnered enough goodwill and interest after its debut at the Detroit Auto Show the Korean automaker is strongly considering putting the canvas-roofed Soul-amino into production. Previously, Kia's Alex Fedorak said the Tonka-mobile was created "in a fashion that was production-capable."

According to Kia-World, though the automaker isn't officially saying the Soul'ster will be mass produced, unnamed Korean magazines are reporting it's looking good and that a decision is on the way in short order. If there's any truth to the rumors, we can expect to see the little subcompact pick'em-up truck on American roads in the second half of 2010. Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: Kia-World]

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