The New York sanitation department has just started a year-long evaluation of a hydrostatic regenerative braking (HRB) system on garbage trucks. The system provided by Bosch Rexroth is a hydraulic launch assist system. This is basically a hydraulic mild hybrid system. During braking, a hydraulic pump is driven off the gearbox to pressurize an accumulator. When the vehicle accelerates, the hydraulic pressure is used to drive a hydraulic motor that provides a mechanical assist to the transmission.
Trucks equipped with the HRB system will be operated in all five boroughs of New York to evaluate reliability and fuel savings. New York will be the first city in the country to field test the HRB-equipped trash trucks. Two truck chassis built by Crane Carrier Company will be tested. Bosch estimates the system will save about 2.25 liters of fuel per hour of operation.

[Source: Bosch Rexroth]

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