BMW will be launching its first two production hybrid vehicles late this year and some spy shots of the first one have turned up in Germany. The 755iH, as the name implies, is a gas electric version of the recently launched 7-Series sedan. While the upcoming X6 uses the two-mode hybrid system, the 755 pairs up BMW's 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 with the mild hybrid system developed with Daimler.
The 755 looks pretty much the same as the standard 750 but this particular example has the usual accouterments that go with a development prototype including the lap stand in the front passenger area, extra power ports under the dash for data loggers and other test equipment. There is also a fire extinguisher by the driver's door. The only external indication is the experimental hybrid bumper sticker.

The hybrid system uses a 20 kW electric motor between the engine and 8-speed automatic transmission. A lithium ion battery will provide electrical energy storage.


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