Speaking in an interview with Robert Farago from The Truth About Cars, Malcolm Bricklin offered a few more details on his plans to convert existing vehicles from Chrysler and General Motors to hydrogen hybrids. To put it mildly, we remain unconvinced that the technology will work, but Bricklin once again asserts that he's got a working prototype and will show off a functioning vehicle with the technology in about 90 days.

According to Bricklin, his hydrogen-on-demand unit measures just four by six by eight inches (about the size of a coffee cup, he says) and will increase the fuel mileage of any internal combustion engine by 50 to 100 percent. He further suggests that the biggest hurdles his team had to overcome in making the unit work was "overheating, blowing out the engine's O2 sensors and corrosion of the stainless steel housing unit."

Naturally, it will cost a lot of money to purchase up to 300,000 new vehicles from GM and Chrysler to start this venture, which is why Bricklin is hoping to get funding from the Department of Energy as part of its $25 billion AVTM program to promote the manufacture of eco-friendly automobiles.

[Source: The Truth About Cars | Photo: Bricklin SV-1]

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